I didn’t get to choose who I would be. I was put here, evidently for a purpose, exactly the way I am: Psalm 139:16—“fearfully and wonderfully made”!

My choice comes in the accepting of who I am, in the “doing” of what is truly “me.” I cannot be you; you cannot be me. If I am to be me in the fullest sense of the “ME-ness,” I have to come to terms with Me; I have to learn to love Me AS I AM, not as I wish to be! I can only give “ME” away as I learn to “receive” ME!

This is not selfishness. Airplane safety instructions tell you to put an oxygen mask on yourself first in order to be able to save others. Similarly, because of weight restrictions, guides in the Arctic carry only one emergency protective suit—for themselves—because if they don’t survive, the party they’re leading doesn’t stand a chance. (—taken from a footnote in a book titled The Blue Bear)

I AM “ME” & I NEED TO BE “ME” IN THE FULLEST SENSE OF WHAT THAT MEANS. Otherwise, I am depriving me of my destiny, you of the gift I could be, & God of the investment He made in Me!

The world needs me to become what I was meant to be. “Creation is groaning,” we are told, “waiting for the revealing of the sons of God” (Romans 8)—they are waiting for us to come into our true inheritance!! They’re aching for it with a longing created in the chambers of eternity, & it echoes out for us to become that authentic voice in the wilderness, that creative son/daughter we were destined to be!



(Trying to be someone else just doesn’t work!)

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