So where do we fit into the picture, Nancy?

We are called to rule [government] and to reign [kingdom] with Him!

Satan is a “blip” on the radar, designed as a “testing ground” for us to begin to enter into true Sonship (rather than “slave-ship”) in maturity (rather than remaining an immature child, treated as a slave b/c not yet ready to handle the “checkbook”!)


Ephesians 2:10 says that we are His “workmanship” (Greek POEMA = masterpiece, master work of craftsmanship [& the word we get “poem” from]), CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS FOR GOOD WORKS WHICH HE ORDAINED FROM ALL ETERNITY FOR US TO DO.

Somewhere back in eternity, God created a set of “blueprints,” architectural drawings with a stamp on them, approving them for you & you alone. They bear the name “Nancy”—not the Nancy you know, but rather the one you are created to be.

It may very well be, as some have postulated (among them Richard Bolles Nelson, author of that famous job-hunters’ manual What Color Is Your Parachute?, in a lesser-known book entitled How To Discover Your Mission In Life) that somewhere back in eternity, you & God had a “meeting of minds.” In much the same way as He called to the prophet Isaiah (ch.6) & others, He may have said, “I need this [& this & this….] done in this world I’m creating… Who will go & do it?” And YOU stepped forward & said, “I WILL GO!” And so you and He contracted/covenanted/agreed that this would be your special particular earthly assignment. You, & you alone, were uniquely called, commissioned, & empowered to do this thing.

Unfortunately [we wrongly think!—b/c it is actually our good fortune!] we are launched into life with a “divine amnesia,” much as we don’t really remember time in the womb & the first few years of our lives—we don’t remember the calling! And so our first “calling” is to GROW INTO OUR CALLING! And of course, this becomes part of our “hunger pains”! <grin>

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