Love is the divine lubricant that makes life flow. There is, of course, our love for Him, but we learned it. HE FIRST LOVED US! AND HE LOVES LOVING US! Our love is the echo, the mirror image, the reflection, the “after-glow” of the Divine Romance.

Do you ever stop to think about this great love? About how incredibly great this love is? (Several of Paul’s prayers are prayers for us to lay hold of the incomprehensible greatness of this love….See Ephesians 3:18; Philippians 1:9; see also 2 Peter 1:3-11 & consider the relationship between love & knowledge of God.)

Song of Songs paints a picture of it (4:9), when the groom [Jesus/God] is “ravished” by one look from his bride. We might say it this way: “One glance form you toward Me & I’m wasted!” Even the smallest effort of our hearts to reach out toward Him are rewarded by His heart bursting with love & pride & joy! “Look at this!” He yells to the universe, “She loves Me! She loves ME! She LOVES ME!” And the universe marvels b/c we are “dark yet lovely.” Somehow His seeing that love in us makes it so! (The one forgiven much loves much!)

And so the love grows in us, & we begin to HUNGER, & we want MORE, & our “love-hunger” for “more” GROWS! We can never get enough! And the universe looks on in wonder, &, interestingly, their “love” begins to grow—a hunger is created in them, & they long to enter in! [This is the heart of true evangelism—to create an insatiable hunger/thirst for the love of God as it is manifest in us, in our relationship w/ God, & w/ each other!]

And so we get rapt in Him, as does Paul: “What then can we say to all of this? IF GOD BE “FOR” US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? WHO CAN EVER SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD?” (Romans 8)

Think about it. Picture a Jesus Who could rightfully call legions of angels to assist, voluntarily letting Himself be arrested/mocked/beaten/stripped/humiliated/CRUCIFIED—WITHOUT A WORD SIMPLY B/C OF THE JOY SET BEFORE HIM (Hebrews 12:2 ff), SIMPLY FOR THE LOVE OF



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