What are we really afraid of? What are our deepest fears? One of them has to be the fear of giving up control.

Where does that fear come from?? If you think about it, in the womb we have no control and yet are totally cared for, and perhaps are at the safest point in our entire physical existence. Yet from another perspective, we are perhaps at our most vulnerable & more susceptible to being seriously harmed or killed. And yet, for all this, we have no control issues, or at least it would seem so.

When, then, do we really become “in control”? At the moment of birth? When the umbilical cord is cut? [I remember hearing someone call it the “um-Biblical” cord. <grin>] Or does the trauma of those moments generate in us a fear of not being “in control,” as we must have unconsciously assumed ourselves to be while still inside the placenta.

I’m not sure exactly where this is going, except perhaps to cause me to wonder, if we ever really ARE in control? Even our choice of how to respond is often influenced by our physical condition, external circumstances, previous conditioning & training, etc. Is it the “sin nature” we inherited from Adam that makes us fear giving up our (imagined) control as he literally did at the only real point anyone (except perhaps Jesus) has ever been fully in control.

And how would we characterize Jesus’ being “in control”? What of His “learn[ing] obedience through the things He suffered”? of His acquiescing to Mary & Joseph’s wishes at age 12? of His honoring His mother’s wishes by turning water to wine (His first miracle)? of His going to the slaughter as a lamb dumb before the shearers (Isaiah 53)? of His emptying Himself of all it meant to be God to take on human form (Philippians 2:5-11)?

No one could question Jesus’ totally being “in control.” Yet many of the forms that took do not match our concept of being “in control.” He even commented, “I do nothing on My own…only what I see my Father [God] doing.”

So then maybe we really are more “in control” that our fears would admit—we just don’t know how to appropriate it, or to appreciate the particular circumstances that have us feeling boxed in as actually allowing us to be “in control.”

One picture of heaven has saints casting their crowns before Him. Crowns—whether earned or inherited—symbolize, among other things, a level of authority & control that is supreme in its particular arena. So, somehow or other, a part of our calling in this life is to learn how to be “in control” enough to be able, in that Day, to give it up by casting our crown!

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