Father God speaking to me: (26Jun2008)

I have unlimited resources. All of life is all about training, about growing you into the fullness of a mature Son. It takes time; it takes mistakes; it takes learning to listen. You do not listen to Me enough, but you have to learn that. I AM patient; I AM not in a hurry. When you are in a hurry, you are most likely to miss Me. I see the heart; I see the intent, and I AM satisfied with incomplete actions when your heart is right. I will bring you to the level where there are completed, perfected actions with right heart, but the only way to learn how to do it right is by having done it wrong as well. There is no other way.

I don’t call it trial and error; I call it trial and learning. You are trying; you are learning. I AM orchestrating the bigger picture so you will learn what you need to. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t bring you to maturity when I had the capability to do so? But maturity includes risk on My part—I have to allow you room to grow, to choose options beyond mere puppetry control. That requires “mistakes,” mis-steps, missed opportunities that can never be recovered. We don’t do “Ground Hog Day,” where you get to do exactly the same thing over and over with an increasing knowledge base until it is perfect. What I do is far more intricate and elaborate, far more amazing, giving the same test in different clothing, in different venues, in alternative situations, so you really learn the basics. And the basics are about character, about relationship with Me and others, about meaning and presence and purpose and direction, about life and love and healing and health, about living abundantly. You have no idea how My heart aches for you to come into the abundance I have for you.

You saw a good lesson while watering: “The one who has much will be given more.” The large hydrangea gets more watering from you b/c it is larger and needs it. The one who has much I give more to both b/c he needs it to sustain the level I’ve taken him to, and b/c he is able to use the more I give to expand to greater heights, depths, and breadths. He requires more to take more territory. It is the way I get the best ROI on investment. Small will grow in greater percentage, but large will grow in greater quantity: for 1 to become 2 is 100% growth, but for 1000 to become 1100 is only 10% growth, even though the quantity of growth is 100 times the growth of the small one.

So don’t envy what I give them, b/c I measure them differently than you. Be faithful in what I give you—enjoy it, develop it, be thankful for it, use it— and you will be happier, and you will bring Me greater joy. Grow where I plant you, in the ways I lead you, and know that I could have placed you in any one of millions of other situations, none of which were exactly right for you! Where you are is exactly where I want you to be! The more you fight, the less you can be what I really designed you to be. The more you listen, cooperate, learn, grow, the more you will find fulfillment, life, joy, fruitfulness, and meaningful relationship with Me and with those I have placed in your life!

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