In the mid-‘70’s, I was working construction for in Charlotte, living in Concord, NC, about 25 miles away. The road from the main road to our house through the country was a few miles long, and the government was a water treatment plant or something requiring tons of concrete nearby, and the concrete mixing trucks had to travel down that same road. It had begun to develop severe potholes on that side, where the loaded trucks traveled, and one afternoon coming home from work, I got behind one. It was difficult to pass, b/c the road was winding, but at a long curve around a pasture, I passed.

Looking back in my rear-view mirror, I saw one of the chute attachments fall off the back of the truck! It couldn’t have been more than a minute or so after I passed, and it would have come through the windshield or gone under the car and caused me to wreck. The Lord had saved me by seconds!

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