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January 22, 2012

Psalm 42-43 (Pseudosonnet Triplet)


As deer are thirsting for the living streams

.     I thirst for you, my God, my living God.

When can I come and meet with you? It seems

.     All day and night my tears my only food,

While all day long I’m taunted with the snide

.     “Where IS your God?” and my mind strays,

To memories, throngs in joyous thankful stride

.     Parading strong on celebration days.


.          Why so downcast, O my soul?

.               Why disturbed inside this shell?

.              Hope in God, for time will tell

.         How I shall his praise extol,

.                         My Savior and my God!


And yet my soul is downcast still, and then

.     I call to mind provisions you had made

When I was at wit’s end, when chaos meant

.     To swallow me, came crashing in my head.

“So why have you forgotten me, my God?”

.     My bones feel crushed, my spirit so despairs

I scarce can breathe, and yet I look for good

.     And sing at night to wipe away the cares.


.         Why so downcast, O my soul?

.               Why disturbed inside this shell?

.               Hope in God, for time will tell

.          How I shall his praise extol,

.                         My Savior and my God!


I call for vindication, God, and plead

.     My case before your court, and hear your Word

Declaring me a righteous man, and freed

.     From all their claims, my hope no more deferred.

And then I will go gladly to your house,

.     And sacrifice with joyful heart, and sing,

And gladly pay thanksgiving’s sweetest vows

.     On instruments of wind and wood and string.


.          Why so downcast, O my soul?

.               Why disturbed inside this shell?

.               Hope in God, for time will tell

.          How I shall his praise extol,

.                         My Savior and my God!

Psalm 37 Acrostic

January 11, 2012

1    Avoid fretting because of evil men

.           or envying those who do wrong;

2    As the grass soon withers, so will they;

.           like green plants they will soon die away.

3    Be always trusting in the Lord and doing good;

.           dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

4    By delighting yourself in the Lord

.           you will receive from him the desires of your heart.

5    Commit your way to the Lord;

.           trust in him and he will reward you,

6    Causing your righteousness to shine like the dawn,

.           the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

7    Daily be still before the Lord

.           and wait patiently for him;

.     Do not fret when men succeed in their ways,

.           when they carry out their wicked schemes.

8    Exercise restraint when angry; turn from wrath,

.           and do not fret—it only leads to evil.

9    Evil men will be cut off,

.           but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

10  For in a little while, the wicked will be no more;

.           though you look for them, they will not be found.

11  Favor and great peace will come to the meek,

.           and they will inherit the land.

12  Gnashing their teeth against the righteous,

.           the wicked plot against them;

13  God laughs at the wicked, however,

.           for he knows their day is coming.

14  Having drawn their sword and bent their bow,

.           the wicked seek to bring down the poor and needy,

.                to slay those whose ways are upright.

15  However, their swords will pierce their own hearts,

.           and their bows will be broken.

16  Is it not better to have the little of the righteous

.           than the wealth of man wicked?

17  Inevitably the power of the wicked will be broken,

.           but the Lord upholds the righteous.

18  Just men’s days are known to the Lord,

.           and their inheritance will endure forever.

19  Joy and plenty will be theirs in days of famine;

.           in times of disaster they will not wither.

20  Know that the wicked will perish:

.           the Lord’s enemies will be like the beauty of the fields;

.     Killed, they will vanish—

.           vanish like smoke.

21  Loans the wicked are always borrowing they do not repay,

.           but the righteous are always able to give generously.

22  Land will be the inheritance of those the Lord blesses,

.           but those he curses will be cut off.

23  Much the Lord delights in the way of the man

.           whose steps he has made firm;

24  May be he will stumble, but he will not fall,

.           for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

25  Never—from the time I was young till now when I’m old—

.           never have I seen the righteous forsaken

.                or his children begging bread.

26  Not grudging, they are always generous, lending freely;

.           their children will be blessed.

27  Once you turn from evil and do good,

.           you will always live securely.

28  Ones who are faithful the Lord does not forsake,

.           for he loves the just.

.     Protected forever will they be,

.           but the offspring of the wicked will be cut off;

29  Prospering, the righteous will inherit the land

.           and dwell in it forever.

30  Quotes of wisdom issue from the mouth of the righteous man,

.           and his tongue speaks what is just.

31  Quietly rooted in his heart is the law of God;

.           therefore his feet do not slip.

32  Relentlessly the wicked lie in wait for the righteous,

.           seeking their very lives;

33  Rescuing them, the Lord will not leave them in their power,

.           or let them be condemned when brought to trial.

34  Seek the Lord, wait for him

.           and keep his way.

.     Surely he will exalt you to possess the land;

.           when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

35  Though I have see a wicked and ruthless man

.           flourishing like a green tree in its native soil,

36  That man soon passed away and was no more;

.           though I looked for him, he could not be found.

37  Upright, blameless men—consider and observe them,

.           for there is a future for the man of peace.

38  Unrighteous men, though, will all be destroyed;

.           the future of the wicked will be cut off.

39  Victory and salvation for the righteous come from the Lord;

.           he is their stronghold in time of trouble.

.     Vindicating them, he helps and delivers,

.           saving them from the wicked

.                because they take refuge in him.

Psalm 34 Acrostic

January 11, 2012

1          At all times I will extol the Lord;

.                  Always will his praise be on my lips.

2          Because the afflicted hear my soul

.                  Boasting in the Lord, they rejoice.

3          Come, glorify the Lord with me;

.                  Continually let us exalt his name together.

4          Despairing, I sought the Lord, and he answered me,

.                  Delivering me from all my fears.

5          Exceptionally radiant are those who look to him;

.                  Expressions on their faces are never ones of shame!

6          Fearfully this poor man called, and the Lord heard him,

.                  Freeing him from all his troubles.

7          Guarding those who fear the Lord, his angel

.                   Girds the camp, delivering them.

8          How good is the Lord! Taste, and see

.                   His blessings for those who take refuge in him.

9          If you, his saints, will fear the Lord,

.                  In nothing will you find yourself lacking.

10        Just seek the Lord and you will lack no good thing, though

.                   Jaws of young lions hang limp from hunger.

11        Keep listening to me, my children, and I will

.                  Keep teaching you the fear of the Lord.

12        Love living? Desire to see

.                  Long life filled with good days?

13        Master your tongue, then, to keep it from evil;

.                  Make sure your lips speak no lies.

14        Never stop turning from evil and doing good;

.                  Nurture peace, seeking and pursuing it.

15        On the righteous the Lord keeps his eyes

.                  Opening his ears to their cry;

16        Positioning himself squarely against evildoers, the Lord

.                  Purges their memory from the face of the earth.

17        Quickly hearing the righteous cry out, he

.                  Quite easily delivers them from all their troubles.

18        Remaining close to the brokenhearted, the Lord

.                  Rescues those who are crushed in spirit.

19        Surely, a righteous man may have many troubles;

.                   Still, the Lord delivers him from them all.

20        Truly he protects all his bones,

.                  That not one of them will be broken.

21        Unrighteousness will slay the wicked;

.             Unendingly the foes of the righteous will be condemned.

22        Vindicating his servants, the Lord will be

.              Vigilant to keep those hiding in him from condemnation.

Psalm 112 Acrostic

January 11, 2012

1       Praise the Lord!


.        Always blessed is the man who fears the Lord,

.        Because he finds great delight in his commands.

2       Children he fathers will be mighty in the land;

.        Down thru each generation, the upright man will be blessed.

3       Ever filled with riches is his house;

.        Forever his righteousness endures.

4       Gracious and compassionate, the righteous man

.        Has light dawning on him even in darkness.

5       If he is generous and lends freely, good will come to him;

.        Justice is to guide him in all his affairs.

6       Know that he will never be shaken;

.        Long will a righteous man be remembered—forever, in fact.

7       Maintaining his trust in the Lord, his heart is steadfast;

.        No fear of bad news does he have.

8       Overthrowing all fear, his hear is secure;

.        Persevering to the end, he will look in triumph on his foes.

9       Quietly generous, he showers gifts on the poor;

.        Righteousness in him endures forever;

.        Surely his horn will be lifted high in honor.

10     The wicked man will see and be vexed;

.        Unceasingly he will gnash his teeth, but it will be

.        Vain, for his longings will come to nothing.

Psalm 111 Acrostic

January 11, 2012

1         Praise the Lord!


.          Always I will extol the Lord with all my heart

.          Before the council of the upright and in the assembly.

2         Certainly the works of the Lord are great,

.          Delighting those who ponder them.

3         Eternally glorious and majestic are his deeds;

.          Forever his righteousness endures.

4         God has caused his wonders to be remembered.

.          How gracious and compassionate the Lord is—

5         Insuring that those who fear him have food,

.          Justly remembering his covenant forever.

6         Knowing him, his people see the power of his works;

.          Lands of other nations he gives into their hands.

7         Moreover, the works of his hands are faithful and just;

.          Not one of his precepts is untrustworthy.

8         Oh, how steadfast they are, forever and ever,

.          Proven in faithfulness and uprightness!

9         Quickly he provided redemption for his people;

.          Righteously he ordained his covenant forever—

.          Surely his name is holy and awesome!

10       The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

.         Understanding is given to all following his precepts.

.         Very truly, eternal praise belongs to him.

Psalm 25 Acrostic

January 10, 2012

1              Ah, Lord, to you I lift up my soul;

2              Because I trust in you, my God,

.                     do not let me be put to shame,

.                           nor let my enemies triumph over me.

3              Could anyone whose hope is in you

.                      ever be put to shame? No!

.                         But those who are treacherous without excuse

.                                 will be put to shame.

4              Direct me in your ways, O Lord,

.                     teach me your paths;

5              Educate me in your truth and instruct me,

.                     for you are God my Savior,

.                           and my hope is in you all day long.

6              Forget not your great mercy and love, O Lord,

.                     for they are from of old.

7              Graciously forgive the sins of my youth

.                      and my rebellious ways;

.                            according to your love remember me,

.                               for you are good, O Lord.

8              Holy, upright and good is the Lord;

.                     therefore he guides sinners into his ways,

9              Instructing the humble in what is right

.                     and teaching them his way.

10           Just, faithful and loving are all the ways of the Lord

.                     for those who keep the demands of his covenant.

11           Kindly forgive my iniquity, though it is great,

.                     for the sake of your name, O Lord.

12           Look to find the man who fears the Lord:

.                 him will the Lord instruct in the way chosen for him.

13           Many days will he spend in prosperity,

.                     and his descendents will inherit the land.

14           Now making his covenant known to them,

.                     the Lord confides in those who fear him.

15           Only the Lord will release my feet from the snare;

.                     therefore my eyes are ever on him.

16           Prove yourself gracious to me and turn to me,

.                     for I am lonely and afflicted.

17           Quickly free me from my anguish,

.                     for the troubles of my heart have multiplied.

18           Regard my affliction and my distress

.                     and take away all my sins.

19           See how my enemies have increased

.                     and see how fiercely they hate me!

20           Take my life and guard it;

.                     rescue me, and let me now be put to shame,

.                          for I take refuge in you.

21           Uprightness and integrity—let them always protect me,

.                     because my hope is in you.

22           Vindicate Israel, O God;

.                     redeem them from all their troubles!

For Christi Joy, Christmas Day 1991

January 10, 2012

For Christi Joy, a.k.a. “CJ”

Christmas  Day 1991

(Proverbs 17:22;

Philippians 2:1-4)


A special poem, Daughter mine,

To thank you for the  laughter fine

You’ve brought into our lives this year.

You’re aptly named—you’re Christ’s own cheer

Embodied when you laugh, you’re Joy

Alive and living Christmas Joy!

You’re bubbling water, sparkling clear,

All year you bring us Christmas cheer.


“And yet,” you say, “I’m just not real.

That’s not the way I always feel!”

Agreed—but are we only just

Our feelings? Can we really trust

Them? Life is so much more, you see,

Than what we think it seems to be:

The sun still shines behind the clouds;

And you’re still you, though lost in crowds;


Your hair still glows its golden red,

No matter what’s inside that head.

We see you as you are—AND MORE!

There’s still so MUCH of LIFE in store!

Don’t let today destroy tomorrow—

Joy’s even found in depths of sorrow!

Rejoice each day in all you see—

And BE the JOY you’re meant to BE!!


(With Love, Dad)

For Kenneth, Christmas 1991

January 10, 2012

(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)


A special poem for you, my son,

This Christmas Day of ‘Ninety-One.

You’ll never know the cheer you bring

To Mom and me, the way we sing

To see you grow, become a man,

To watch you search to find the plan

Meant just for you and no one else,

That special “you” inside yourself.


We see the struggles deep inside

But barely—we all try to hide

the “me” we think no one would like

If they saw what we’re really like,

When all the while their real desire

Is for the spark to kindle fire

Of real “You’s” and real “Me’s”—

The only way to thaw the freeze


That separates the lonely heart

And keeps us silent, still apart.

So let’s join hands (we’re not alone),

Unlock our hearts, become as one.

I’ll help you if you’ll help me too

To do what one alone can’t do:

To find that special “me” and “you”

In Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Two.


(With Love, Dad)


January 10, 2012

[Deuteronomy 29:29 & Proverbs 25:2]


Farewell, my friends. We’ll meet again

In God’s good time, but how or when

Is God’s alone, not ours, to know:

He weaves the life-threads to and fro

As pleases Him—and sometimes us,

But sometimes not—yet He is just

And fair and good, if we’ll accept

The things He uses to correct.


So search His heart and trust His love

Whenever you don’t like the move

He bids you make, and know that He

Will make a perfect tapestry

(Including you and me) to show

To all the universe, you know,

His grace, His glory, and His skill

To fit us in His perfect will.


We’ve each a special place to be

Within this glorious tapestry.

Your place is yours and mine is mine;

‘Tis God’s, not ours, to draw the line

And weave us here or knot us there:

Our greatest happiness is where

He bids us be, and nowhere else,

To find, in Him, our perfect Self.



(To my Sunday School Class 5/24/92)

(Love always in our Lord Jesus Christ)

–Ken Stewart

Psalm 24

January 10, 2012

The earth’s the Lord’s, and everything in it;

The world, and all the creatures living in it.

He founded it upon the oceans deep,

Establishing it on nether seas asleep.

Who may ascend Jehovah’s holy hill,

Permitted there to stand, unchallenged, still?

The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,

From idols and from lying set apart.

He will receive a blessing from the Lord

And vindication by his Savior’s Word.

Such generation seek his holy face

And find in Jacob’s God their perfect place.


.                    Lift up your heads, you gates;

.              Be lifted up, you ancient doors.

.               The King of glory must come in!

.                     Who is this King who waits?

.                Jehovah, mighty, strong in wars,

.                In waging battles, He must win!


.                    Lift up your heads, you gates;

.               Yes, lift them up, you ancient doors.

.               This King of glory must come in!

.                    Who is this King who waits?

.               The Lord, Almighty, great in force,

.               The King of glory, let him in!