For Kenneth, Christmas 1991

(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)


A special poem for you, my son,

This Christmas Day of ‘Ninety-One.

You’ll never know the cheer you bring

To Mom and me, the way we sing

To see you grow, become a man,

To watch you search to find the plan

Meant just for you and no one else,

That special “you” inside yourself.


We see the struggles deep inside

But barely—we all try to hide

the “me” we think no one would like

If they saw what we’re really like,

When all the while their real desire

Is for the spark to kindle fire

Of real “You’s” and real “Me’s”—

The only way to thaw the freeze


That separates the lonely heart

And keeps us silent, still apart.

So let’s join hands (we’re not alone),

Unlock our hearts, become as one.

I’ll help you if you’ll help me too

To do what one alone can’t do:

To find that special “me” and “you”

In Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Two.


(With Love, Dad)

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