Psalm 34 Acrostic

1          At all times I will extol the Lord;

.                  Always will his praise be on my lips.

2          Because the afflicted hear my soul

.                  Boasting in the Lord, they rejoice.

3          Come, glorify the Lord with me;

.                  Continually let us exalt his name together.

4          Despairing, I sought the Lord, and he answered me,

.                  Delivering me from all my fears.

5          Exceptionally radiant are those who look to him;

.                  Expressions on their faces are never ones of shame!

6          Fearfully this poor man called, and the Lord heard him,

.                  Freeing him from all his troubles.

7          Guarding those who fear the Lord, his angel

.                   Girds the camp, delivering them.

8          How good is the Lord! Taste, and see

.                   His blessings for those who take refuge in him.

9          If you, his saints, will fear the Lord,

.                  In nothing will you find yourself lacking.

10        Just seek the Lord and you will lack no good thing, though

.                   Jaws of young lions hang limp from hunger.

11        Keep listening to me, my children, and I will

.                  Keep teaching you the fear of the Lord.

12        Love living? Desire to see

.                  Long life filled with good days?

13        Master your tongue, then, to keep it from evil;

.                  Make sure your lips speak no lies.

14        Never stop turning from evil and doing good;

.                  Nurture peace, seeking and pursuing it.

15        On the righteous the Lord keeps his eyes

.                  Opening his ears to their cry;

16        Positioning himself squarely against evildoers, the Lord

.                  Purges their memory from the face of the earth.

17        Quickly hearing the righteous cry out, he

.                  Quite easily delivers them from all their troubles.

18        Remaining close to the brokenhearted, the Lord

.                  Rescues those who are crushed in spirit.

19        Surely, a righteous man may have many troubles;

.                   Still, the Lord delivers him from them all.

20        Truly he protects all his bones,

.                  That not one of them will be broken.

21        Unrighteousness will slay the wicked;

.             Unendingly the foes of the righteous will be condemned.

22        Vindicating his servants, the Lord will be

.              Vigilant to keep those hiding in him from condemnation.


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