A Pastor’s Legacy

I have a friend who just turned 80. He became a pastor at age 52, after years as a successful product salesman, and only retired about a year ago. He’s in a men’s group I’ve been part of for about 5 years, and one morning he told us about a letter he received from a young lady who had been a girl when he was pastoring in Ohio. He said she and her sister came to church alone (they lived close by, or were brought by the mother who didn’t stay), and often laid on the front pew and even slept. He had no idea of the impact he’d had until he got this letter—asking him to officiate her wedding in Pennsylvania later this year. He and his wife had prayed with them through a time of the sister having cancer, and she was subsequently healed. He agreed to send me the letter, which I have edited to protect her privacy.

Would that all our legacies were so powerful, and so beautifully remembered.

Rev S~
Good Morning, I hope you remember me. My sister ~ and I attended the N~ UMC since we were little girls and ~ was healed from cancer through the prayers of you and the congregation.
After I finished high school I joined the army. I’ve been to a handful of different countries and spent 15 months in the combat zone of Iraq. My most recent assignments were the Pentagon and the ~ Agency- where I am currently. Through my many transfers and relocations I’ve always attended church, not as regularly as I should have, but I have continued to keep Christ in my heart and my life. Sometimes when you are surrounded by combat a peaceful heart filled with God’s love is the only thing that keeps you going. I am thankful for the sturdy Christian foundation that you and Ms R~ [his wife] instilled in me.
While I was on a mission in ~ I began dating another Soldier, C~. We both returned to the states and continued our relationship. We had a daughter in ~, her name is ~. It’s been hard because C~ has been in and out of the country, he works with the ~ department at ~. However, we are so happy with our life, and have decided to get married.
I couldn’t think of anyone more special to officiate this for us than you. You have baptized me and guided my family through the most challenging years while [my sister] was ill. You also provided me that wonderful foundation to always know what was right, and always know that God loved me and would watch over me.
I hope that you will be able to accept this and give my family the pleasure of hosting you in ~ on ~, 2012. We will provide your lodging and of course pay you for your services and travel.
Thank you for even considering and for all you and Ms R~ have done for me in the past. I hope you both are doing well and wish you the best.



One Response to “A Pastor’s Legacy”

  1. Eric Alagan Says:

    A warm tale of love and gratitude under the auspices of God.

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