(LEGACY 13 is missing not for any superstitious reason but simply because i got stuck. But I don’t want to lose momentum, so for now, I’m skipping it.

It was titled THE VALUE OF MARRIAGE, originally “written” 10/12/14, but it turns out to be only an introductory paragraph. Trying to complete it now, I’m not happy with what I’m coming up with it. Hopefully I will cobble something together that is meaningful. Suffice it to say for now that I think marriage has great value. My first lasted 25 years and ended only because my wife died. My second is coming up on 19 years.

This blogpost, LEGACY 14, was originally written 03/21/15 and is posted verbatim with only one small change.)

Writing for some can be journaling or blogging. I’ve done both, but not consistently. I strongly encourage some sort of writing by which you are leaving a legacy. I would treasure reading some of the thoughts of my ancestors. What went through their minds? What were their experiences, and their understanding of the journeys?

One hidden value, however, is that writing itself can change you, develop you, and even re-create you. I think of my favorite songwriter’s statement about the Christian Creed, “I did not make it, no, it is making me.” Writing can be a process of enlightenment. I can recall times when I have realized something, had a revelation, seen something in a different light, while in the process of writing about it. Sometimes the very process of writing caused me to write something totally unexpected, something totally different from what I started out to write about. And I end up sometimes thinking of myself—and others—differently.

Writing has a calming effect for me. It brings me perspective, enables me to see things through others’ eyes, forgive where I need to, even pray for someone or through something. Writing is a microcosmic journey, a mini-adventure. It can capture a dream or explore mysteries.

Writing well-done can move the world. Think of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, some of Shakespeare’s soliloquies or Donne’s sonnets. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Lincoln felt, contributed significantly to bringing the Civil War to a head, and there are other books—novels, exposés, and such—that have had similarly great impact.

Writing releases tension AND energy. Writing brings ideas into a reality of concreteness. Writing connects us with like minds.

Writing is a vehicle for creativity to go places, to gain traction, to start movements.

Writing can be life-giving, life-breathing, breathtaking. Writing can spark fires that cannot be quenched, and quench fires that should never have been started.

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “Weakest ink stronger than strongest memory.” If we want memory to go further than our lifetime and the memories of those who have known us directly, writing is the only way.

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6 Responses to “LEGACY 14: THE VALUE OF WRITING”

  1. paulettemotzko Says:

    God bless you Ken Stewart. You and I both share the passion of writing and, like you, writing is cathartic and is an extention of my heart and soul. I am going to share this on my writing blog.
    Keep writing and adding to your special legacy.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • kenstewart Says:

      Thanks, Paulette. Maybe we can strike up a conversation! I looked at some of your sites. Looks like your life has been interesting. Would you be interested in sharing a story or two in the “Friends’ Legacy” I’m developing on this blog?

      • paulettemotzko Says:

        Sure I would Mr. Ken Stewart. I would be honored to. Sounds like a wonderful place to be included in. 🙂 I will have to check out your site.

        Also, would you like to contribute a story to my Serene Sunday feature on TotallyInspiredMind.com site?
        I’m looking for stories of Courage, Triumph resiliency and just anything you think could add to someone stay or Empower someone else. You can email your submission with your name and any photographs going with a story to my email at TotallyInspiredPC at gmail.com.

        Paulette Motzko

      • paulettemotzko Says:

        I was recently hired as a sales assistant at krends. Com period for our first web meeting we use to Uber conference, which allows you to talk either by voice and you get a Choice also of typing your answers and a transcript of the entire conversation; it’s pretty cool.
        I am Paulette Motzko there. I was assigned special phone number specifically used to call into the Uber conference app. I have to look it up to give it to you. When I saw it I thought what a wonderful way to get people involved on my side, since I have almost 3,000 followers now from 91 countries.

  2. kenstewart Says:

    Paulette, thanks, for the encouragement. Why don’t you scan through (not necessarily read) posts on my blog and see if any of them fit the criteria for your Serene Sunday. I’d rather you pick one, and I’ll be glad to modify or amplify as you see best fitting your vision for what you’re trying to communicate.

  3. kenstewart Says:

    Sounds cool (probably an obsolete term LOL). Let me know.

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