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November 2, 2009

Monday, November 13, 2006


“Yo’ Bro” Kenny, here. You asked me last night to “speak into” your life, for you to be able to learn your true calling & to find your meaningful destiny in this life as God has called & equipped you to be & do.

I felt drawn to begin to do that in a notebook, so here it is. The next few pages will be what the Lord has given me for you.

Understand that what you are asking is every man’s and woman’s heart cry. It is mine also, & I am only beginning to enter in in a way I find satisfying—yet even in the satisfying there is a hunger & thirst. There is always enough, & there is never enough. We can contain all of God in a moment (as Mary did when impregnated with Jesus, who even as sperm [“seed”] was fully God), & yet we could never contain him fully even though we encompassed eternity in every direction.

Herein is the paradox & the tension we are called to live in….