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November 2, 2009



So you feel outnumbered, do you? Yes, life can be overwhelming. We feel out-manned, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, out-witted, out-________, out-_______, out-_______. You name it, we feel OUT of it! <grin>

And so we should!

WHAT? You say? Yes, I said, we should feel out-________!

You see, “sin,” that great choosing of our own way rather than God, made, & makes, each of us feel like OUTCASTS, b/c we are! We chose (& continually choose) to place ourselves “OUT”-side of God’s circle. But what did one poet say?

I drew a circle to keep him out…He drew a circle to take me in.

That’s a description of God! He chose (while we were still “sinners”—enemies, not really wanting to come in) to INCLUDE US!