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December 10, 2009


Most of us, most of the time, work too hard at finding God, pleasing God, trying to figure out what makes (the Christian) life “work.”

It’s really all about relationship. The picture I get is a huge rock that I can’t move, & then Daddy God gets a long lever & wedges it under the rock. He tells me to grab hold of the lever up close to the rock, where it looks like I’m doing all the work. Then He gets out on the end, maybe so far out (b/c it’s such a BIGGGG rock & such a LONGGGG lever) that I can’t even see Him, b/c He’s in the clouds, & then—miracle!—“I” move that rock!

Other times, it works differently—Maybe I speak to the rock what He tells me to, & it splits, or levitates, or explodes, or disappears. Still other times, I leap over it, or walk through it, or it disappears altogether.

His ways are limited only by my willingness to listen, & to do ( = “obey”).

How do you think you’ve gotten this far?