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December 10, 2009


No matter how unable I feel, God is always able. He never stops being able; He has never been unable.

Ironically, though, He chooses to limit Himself. He didn’t have to create us; He didn’t have to create angels, or the universe, the galaxies & stars; all the intricacies of the atom, & the quark, & all the still-unknown particles & rays & “theories”… He didn’t have to do any of it! No one twisted His arm & made Him do it!

Then why did He? Though obviously only He could answer that question, it is nonetheless a question we should be asking. Obviously He must have a reason , or a whole universe full of reasons….

And then, once He made it, why limit Himself to working through man? As the Psalmist (& I think also Job) put it, “What is man, that You are mindful of him?”

Somehow it’s all wrapped up in Who He is and how He wants to be known. He wants fellowship—He wants relationship—He wants to show off what He can do! We might even say, He did it SIMPLY BECAUSE HE CAN!  (i.e., He is able to do it!)

So where do I (or you) fit in? I don’t know, but is has to be good! The God Who is ABLE, is ABLE in & through me, & He wants to be. “He is able to do incredibly in excess of all we could ever ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20). HE IS ABLE! He is willing…why am I not?

Ignorance:   I simply don’t know it…

Fear:            I’m afraid of what I might “lose”…

Unbelief:     I really don’t believe He could ever use me, or even want to…

Laziness:     It might be too much “work” learning how to fit into His plan…

Expense:      It might cost me more than I’m prepared to give (e.g., my life!)…


But then, the God Who is able was also able to love me in such an incredible way that He chose to enter this life & life it for me so I could live it in Him….

And somehow, He’s even staked His honor, His reputation before the universe, on completing what He’s begun in me… and