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December 12, 2009


*** We have to “be” before we can “do”! ***

Descartes had it wrong, I think, when he said, “I think, therefore I am.” We have to BE before we can THINK or ACT. That seems so obvious as to not need stating, but we tend to get them backwards when we apply them to relationship with God. We start trying to “DO” something in order to “BE” what God wants us to “be,” as though the doing could somehow make us into true children of God.

But a child IS a son or daughter ALL THE TIME, whether doing or not. DOING should spring out of BEING, not become an attempt to “make” it happen.




Slaves are bought/sold

Friends grow in(to) friendship (or break off friendships)

Sons are born into Sonship! They “swim” in it as naturally as fish in the oceans, and remain sons whether they “do” or not! They don’t have to make their sonship “happen.”

I used to think that when Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep/heed My commandments/ obey Me,” He meant that to LOVE = OBEY. But love, while including “obey,” is so much more! Relationship has to precede obedience, or the obedience is simply rote action, religion trying to work its way into right standing with God, & it becomes a form of idolatry or pagan witchcraft.

Adam walked with God BEFORE there was a command. He didn’t have to think about “doing”; he was simply “being” himself, a son of God.

We took our granddaughters Katie & Gabi out yesterday. Gabi is 6, so we have to keep her from running out in front of cars. We tell her, “Don’t run out if front of cars! Hold our hands!” or simply “Hold my hand!” But then we find ourselves holding hands when there’s no “need” to—walking down the sidewalk or inside a store.

“Daddy God” ( = “Abba”) wants that, I think. He wants us holding His hand even when we don’t have to, simply b/c we want to. He wants resting in His watchful care, DOING occasionally, but BEING all the time, even when we’re sleeping.

We already ARE—we just don’t rest in it, bask in it, swim in it, enjoy it! Let’s get freed up from having to try to “make” ourselves something we already ARE: