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December 12, 2009


*** (Corollary to “BE” BEFORE YOU “DO”) ***

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel; when necessary, used words.”

We might re-phrase it here & say, “BE the gospel; when necessary ACT.” Or “BE A VOICE; when necessary, SPEAK.”

In the natural we have a voice all the time, but seldom (at least most of us <grin>) use it. In truth, even the most talkative person would have a difficult time speaking even 20% of the time, & it’s doubtful that even those who make their living talking actually speak 10% of the time; the best ones learn to do more sales by listening!

But when I say “Have a voice,” I really mean something deeper, an authentic voice, a weightiness (one literal meaning of the Hebrew word chabod, meaning “glory”) and authority in who you are, an identity that speaks even when you’re silent, a commanding presence that radiates, an aura that glows, a glory that shines & reflects the “shekinah,” the glory of God, encapsulated in who He made you to be. (If each of us reflect just one facet of Him, think of the glory reflected in a 7-billion + faceted Gemstone, a Jewel with more than 7 billion facets!!)


So where do we find a “voice”? Where do I find my specific “voice,” that identity that’s mine & mine alone, that God-given “ME”?

Maybe that’s the secret—God given. Maybe we don’t find it “out there,” but rather “in here”—in the depths already hidden, tucked away somewhere in our deepest recesses, waiting to come out of the closet.

Richard Bolles Nelson, author of the all-time classic job-hunting manual What Color Is Your Parachute?, theorizes (in another book on finding your mission in life) that somewhere back in eternity, before we were placed here on earth, we made a covenant with God, accepting our particular “mission” in life. When we are born, we develop a kind of amnesia & then have to re-discover or un-cover that mission. That is the finding of our voice, our identity, our “flow,” being “in the zone.”

It’s the journey I’m on. It’s the journey you’re on. We’re all on it; we’re not given that choice…Our only choice is whether to bury our talent or not, whether to seek consciously to uncover it & use it.

Who knows? Maybe the reason we’re give so much more silence than voice is b’c that’s how we truly uncover it & learn to use it—in the resting, the relaxing, the letting-go, the times of “re-creation” ( = recreation!), the unspoken connections, the having & loving & being & doing of everyday life—the great silences….