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December 12, 2009


When I was at your house [tomorrow will be 2 weeks ago], I was starting to be sick with a cold/sore throat, etc. I literally lost my voice that Wed. following, & still haven’t totally regained it. I’m congested, stuffy, having to fight to keep energy in me— & it’s been an extremely busy 2 weeks, w/ lots of work, family, & church stuff, plus the Thanksgiving holiday (an awesome one at that!).

But I keep fighting—taking medicine, energy drinks, phyto-nutrients—whatever I can think of to keep going.

There must be a tremendous spiritual battle going on here, b/c I’m not getting over this fast. It’s the longest I’ve been sick in a long time.

But life’s that way. As the commercial says, “Life comes at you fast!” And it does. Satan doesn’t play fair: He’ll kick you while you’re down, in ways you could never have pictured.

But then, we have forces on our side he can’t picture either. He has severely misjudged the strategies, the outcome of this glorious battle, as the White Witch did’t understand the “Deeper Law” in The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe. We only have to fight as long as it takes, whether a lifetime, a year, a day, or a minute. Eventually the battle stops, & we win!

The trick in the middle of the battle, in the heat of the fray, in the discouragements of life, is to take the “long view,” to somehow capture a vision of what can be, of what will be. We need someone to pray, as Elisha did for his servant, “Lord, open his eyes.” We need to see that those who are for us are more that those who are against us.

And then, sometimes we win by losing, as Aslan did. Chuck Colson tells several stories of people who did that in his book Loving God, & we think of the firefighters and other heroes of  9-11, of the man who died rescuing people when the plane crashed into the icy waters of the Potomac, of the father who died shielding his children from freezing on a camping trip gone awry, of countless saints who were martyred, whose blood watered the seeds of new life in the Church….The list is so long that only God’s angels can record it fully & accurately.

And so I keep fighting this cold, this sickness in my body (it’s really such a small thing, but it works in diabolical league with) this death at work in me, this downward spiral of entropy & sin that will eventually (unless the Lord returns first) capture this flesh—but never the soul or the spirit!