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December 12, 2009


We really do have such a small view of life.

If our eyes see such a small fraction of this huge world, & this world is such a small fraction of our vast universe….

If our eyes cannot see into the atom or quark, the depths of the ocean, the interior of earth….

If we cannot see the past or the future….

If we cannot see motives or ideas or thoughts or spirits….

And then, to top it off, if our eyes are closed half the time, between sleeping, resting our eyes, & blinking; & if, when we “see,” we see so little of what we DO see….

….then how truly small must be our view of things!!

The psalmist had it right: “What is man, that You, Lord are mindful of him???”

And yet we come out of the womb feeling that the universe is me-centered, that all of  life owes me.

What a paradox!!

Yet that is what we must operate out of. We are given our time & space, our “sphere,” & we are boxed in! We aren’t given a choice when or where or how we’re conceived or born.

And yet, as our life progresses, we are given increasing choices, even if they are only choices of accepting our lot with joy or becoming bitter.

Sometimes I see life as a progression from total self-centeredness toward total other-centeredness, at least as the ideal goal. And that other-centeredness must include the Other: God. In fact, He has to become the primary focus. [The two greatest commands are “Love God/Love others”—and John, in his first letter, has them so inextricably linked that NOT loving others indicates not REALLY loving God.]

My final goal, my ultimate desire, is to get “out of” me, “into” Him—in a fullness that empties me of whatever me-ness it is that is not of Him, & fills me w/ all of Him I can hold in an overflowing of Him to others.

“My” view diminishes & wanes, & His view through my eyes grows & waxes. Sometimes the process feels as agonizingly painful & slow, even as indiscernible in truly changing me, as the “wax-on/wax-off” in Karate Kid!

Not that I disappear. Rather, hopefully, I become fully transparent, a layer of skin over God-in-the-flesh, another incarnation of the Incarnate One, a “Jesus-jelly bean” ready to be tasted by the world, to see that the Lord really is good….