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January 1, 2010

Father, I commit this day to you. Cause me to know your will and your ways. Is there anything specific you wish to say to me right now? (25Jun2008)

Are you really ready to listen? You know where you are right now, and you so often put Me on the back burner or out of the picture altogether.

What is the solution to that, Father?

You have to train yourself to listen more. I AM trying to relate to you. The things that happen in a day are not the important things. What is important is that you see Me in the things that happen. I AM directing your life in a thousand million ways each day that you never see. All of life is sustained by My energy, by My Holy Spirit, and you would not exist without My holding all of life together. Do you not think I have every little thing in your life mapped out? That is why pride is so wrong. When you think you are in control of your life and your destiny, you downgrade me to a mechanical cause and try to manipulate life, instead of appreciating what I am sending into it. I AM so into you—you have no idea.

How do I change my thinking on that?

Renew your mind. Transform your thinking. Metanoia. Reverse osmosis—let My nature soak into you and the old nature be replaced by me. It’s the natural process of meditating on My Word, of allowing Me to be in everything, of being thankful in everything.

Is there anything I can do to speed the process?

Speed is not the issue. I AM eternal—I don’t change. Neither does the intensity of My purpose in you, the “intentionality,” as Graham Cooke calls it. I am so fiercely intentional toward you, toward making you what you were designed to be, that the amount of energy focused on you as an individual, or any other individual, is enough to shatter the earth into individual molecules and send every one to the furthest possible distance from every other one. How is that for how great My “lovingkindnesses,” My “intentionality,” is toward you??? Remember the Psalmist said, “How great are your thoughts toward me! How vast is the sum of them!” That was his way of expressing this concept. Every person on earth now and every person ever created could come up with as many unique ways of expressing My love for one particular individual, and it still would be only a drop in the bucket compared with how vast that love is. I AM so incredibly vast, so limitless, that there is literally no end to My thoughts toward you! They were in me before time began, before anything was created, and if all creation stopped existing, they would still be in Me! Walt Whitman was feeling that immensity as part of his being when he said, “I am large. I contain multitudes.” He had no idea how close he was to My thoughts toward him, let alone all mankind. This is why the angels stand in awe of you and My relationship toward you.

Father, I am speechless.

As well you should be. Only in the silence can you begin to enter into the fullness of the Godhead. “The fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in my Lord, and we are complete in Him.” Real completeness and fulfillment are waiting, more than you can ever know—and yet you can enter into it enough to satisfy every longing, while creating a thousand more of greater intensity! Come and be satisfied! Come and be filled! Come and enter into the greatest longing ever known! Come and abide in Me!