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For Christi Joy, Christmas Day 1991

January 10, 2012

For Christi Joy, a.k.a. “CJ”

Christmas  Day 1991

(Proverbs 17:22;

Philippians 2:1-4)


A special poem, Daughter mine,

To thank you for the  laughter fine

You’ve brought into our lives this year.

You’re aptly named—you’re Christ’s own cheer

Embodied when you laugh, you’re Joy

Alive and living Christmas Joy!

You’re bubbling water, sparkling clear,

All year you bring us Christmas cheer.


“And yet,” you say, “I’m just not real.

That’s not the way I always feel!”

Agreed—but are we only just

Our feelings? Can we really trust

Them? Life is so much more, you see,

Than what we think it seems to be:

The sun still shines behind the clouds;

And you’re still you, though lost in crowds;


Your hair still glows its golden red,

No matter what’s inside that head.

We see you as you are—AND MORE!

There’s still so MUCH of LIFE in store!

Don’t let today destroy tomorrow—

Joy’s even found in depths of sorrow!

Rejoice each day in all you see—

And BE the JOY you’re meant to BE!!


(With Love, Dad)