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Living, Regrets Undying

April 13, 2012

The poem below is based on a true story (disguised to protect my friend)–I felt his pain of decades as he told me the first time, and again in more detail later. As for him, he has recently found inner healing in a way he had not known, and realized how much his pain had kept him from facing the reality. This is a tribute to the blogger who inspired it with his posting of a concept of writing a 33-word “Flash Fiction Horror” story. (I hope this qualifies.) It’s also a tribute to my unnamed friend…

My Tribute to 33-Word “Flash Fiction Horror”

as inspired by “Written Words Never Die”


post of 09 April 2012

Separation, and the Pain

Divorce: pain!

Three kids…Mine! (for now)


                Still, she has rights.

She takes them

                (weekend, y’know).

Three small bodies found in woods–

                Wife? Missing.

Endlessly wondering—what could I have done?