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January 10, 2012

[Deuteronomy 29:29 & Proverbs 25:2]


Farewell, my friends. We’ll meet again

In God’s good time, but how or when

Is God’s alone, not ours, to know:

He weaves the life-threads to and fro

As pleases Him—and sometimes us,

But sometimes not—yet He is just

And fair and good, if we’ll accept

The things He uses to correct.


So search His heart and trust His love

Whenever you don’t like the move

He bids you make, and know that He

Will make a perfect tapestry

(Including you and me) to show

To all the universe, you know,

His grace, His glory, and His skill

To fit us in His perfect will.


We’ve each a special place to be

Within this glorious tapestry.

Your place is yours and mine is mine;

‘Tis God’s, not ours, to draw the line

And weave us here or knot us there:

Our greatest happiness is where

He bids us be, and nowhere else,

To find, in Him, our perfect Self.



(To my Sunday School Class 5/24/92)

(Love always in our Lord Jesus Christ)

–Ken Stewart