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Sonnet from Romans 8:31-39

January 10, 2012

If God be for us, who against can be?

.     He did not spare His Son, but gave him up,

To ransom all of us and set us free.

.     Will He not let us all partake the cup

Of all His gracious goodness? Who can bring

.     A charge against His chosen vessels? Who?

It’s God who justifies—then who can sting

.     With condemnation? Jesus died, and too

.          Was raised, and intercedes for us above!

.          So what can separate us from His love?

.                 Rough treatment, famine, nakedness or sword?

.                “We’re sheep for slaughter,” says His holy Word.

.                    No! We are more than conquerors in these things.

.                    His love will make us reign eternal kings!