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Golden Tickets and Yellow Post-It Notes

March 23, 2014

My 2½-year-old grandson, after watching 2 movies that had “golden tickets” in them (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Polar Express), was so fascinated with the idea that he began grabbing yellow Post-It notes from our office and handing them out. He was so fun to watch in his excitement. (He definitely has to be “kinesthetic” on the Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic scale, as much as he loves touching, feeling, and emoting!)

In trying to figure out what lessons I can extrapolate from this fascination he had with this, I can think of several (and you’re welcome to add to my list!):

1) There are often “golden tickets” available in our lives that we’re unaware of.

2) We should celebrate them gloriously, effusively, extravagantly.

3) It might even be wise to create them out of thin air, to take Golden Post-It TIckets  and stick them up everywhere!

Life is meant to be celebrated anywhere and everywhere. I remember reading one of Laurie Beth Jones’s stories about (I think) a real estate agent who kept a bottle of champagne in the trunk of his car, just so he could celebrate at a moment’s notice! Would that we were that anticipatory, that perceptive of life’s waiting opportunities!

Why don’t we aim for that???

You just ever know where it might take us!