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Pooping, and Producing

April 9, 2013

My wife just bought a worm factory. Misnomer, if you ask me. It doesn’t manufacture worms. More like a worm farm, like the old ant farms, with the plexiglass walls where you could see them making tunnels and know that wasn’t how you wanted to live. This one isn’t clear—it’s a rust-brown square box made of stackable trays on legs, with a cover. (You can lift one of the trays and watch them clinging for life trying to reach the next level.)

You buy the factory/farm, then the worms separately, depending on your purpose in growing them. Ours is to get them to produce lots of poop and lots more worms, so they can produce even more poop. The poop is for composting in our garden and raised beds, and comes out the bottom at the side through a spigot designed just for that. (Probably more info than you care to know.) You have to feed them mixed “greens” (lettuce, carrots, etc.) and “browns” (coffee grounds, shredded newspaper, etc.), about a 50-50 mix. Supposedly they can multiply from 2,000 to 10,000 in just 16 weeks. (What’s that in a growth index, assuming you can keep the J-curve going? Something like 125,000% in a year?)

But it struck me that this contains a lot of analogies for our lives, and our businesses. We all want to thrive, to eat well, to have the right mix of “greens” (the growing and productive parts) and “browns” (the dying and discarded parts). We want to climb to the next level, not even knowing what that means sometimes, in the dark of unknowing, but still knowing we have to climb. We “poop” and produce—we’re born to both, and hopefully our “poop” makes someone’s garden productive.

Most of all, we serve a purpose not our own. We give our lives for the sake of those we invest in. We find value in our darknesses, and we yearn to go “from glory to glory, in ever increasing glory.” We are meant to, and we find our highest purpose there. Pooping, and producing.