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January 1, 2010

Father, what do you want to say to me this morning? (20April2008)

[from y’day:] Keep fighting the good fight. You are doing well at learning to be diligent yet flexible. I AM proud of you. You are learning to fight, to try to take territory, to extend the boundaries of my kingdom. B/c you are doing that, I am increasing your kingdom and boundaries, and you will begin to see growth that will be extremely satisfying to you. You enjoy productivity—I made you that way, and you glorify me when you are most productive in a holy way. You enjoy flowing in me, in motion with me, connected with me in an integral way, becoming one in the flow. And I am bringing that to pass in you, and teaching you how to flow in it more and more. Keep going. Keep pressing in. Keep loving me. I LOVE YOU!! And I am pleased with the path you’re on…

You are special to me. You don’t always feel it, but you are. Yes, every single person can be special in a unique way, and as you relate to each of your children differently, so I relate to each of you differently. That’s not news to you, but what is news is that I have always felt that way about you. That’s why I created you. That’s why I watch over you. That’s why you are where you are. If I didn’t leave the creation of the world to chance, if I didn’t leave the growth of the lilies to chance (and each one is  more beautifully arrayed than Solomon, just like the bearded iris you picked this morning, even though they are unnoticed and grow in abundance—I provide for each one uniquely. I know what each one is doing, what it is capable of, what I have planned for it. Do you think I would leave you to chance, to the devices of the world, to the “devil-may-care” attitudes of those who have no vested interest in your success? I HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN SEEING YOU SUCCEED! MY HONOR is at stake, just as in Ezek.36.

Don’t try to analyze it. It ‘s a matter of the heart, of spirit to spirit. I LOVE YOU! I HAVE GREAT PLANS FOR YOU, PLANS YOU COULD NOT BEGIN TO IMAGINE!!!!!!!

You have to believe it without feeling it. You have to trust me on this one. YOU HAVE NOT FAILED! YOU HAVE NOT MISSED ME! KEEP ON TRUSTING! KEEP ON PRESSING IN!